How to Choose a Garage Door Style in 3 Easy Steps

It may not sound like a big decision, but choosing a garage door is an important choice for any homeowner.

Because garage doors are generally at the front of your home and directly in street view, they can add or detract value from your home, increasing or decreasing curb appeal. Your garage door choice should complement your home’s exterior, while reflecting the lifestyle and personality of your home and family.

Whether you’re replacing your garage door, or upgrading to a more modern style, you’ll want to consider factors such as size, climate, insulation properties and door material, to help determine which model is best for you.

Here, we’ll walk you through choosing a garage door in 3 easy steps.

Choose from a Wide Range of Garage Door Styles

Whether you’re looking for something with natural beauty or a more practical and contemporary design, a good garage door supplier should offer a wide range of styles – from high-end custom designs, to more simple and traditional options.

Some of the most popular styles of garage doors include:

Garage Door Materials to Suit All Tastes and Budgets

Garage doors can be made in a variety of materials – allowing you to choose from the beauty of natural wood or the energy efficiency, durability, and low maintenance of steel and aluminium. Choose a material that fits with the overall aesthetic of your home and its existing colour palette.

You can even achieve a natural timber look without committing to the price. Panel Glide doors, for example, are available in a variety of finishes and COLORBOND® colours. The raised panel design is meant to evoke the quality of solid timber panelling, and the door itself can be fashioned with either a wood grain or smooth texture finish.

Does Your Garage Door Need Insulation, Glass or Remote Control?

Now that you’ve decided on the style and material of your garage doors, you’ll want to consider whether you need to add insulation, glass panelling, remote control access and any other accessories.

Garage Door Insulation

If your garage is attached to your home, adjacent to your family room or directly below a bedroom, you can use insulation to control both noise and temperature. Speak to a professional garage door technician about insulating your garage.

Lighting and Ventilation

Do you have enough lighting in your garage? Some people use their garage space for alternative uses, such as practice rooms, art studios or kids’ playrooms. Whether you’re using it to fix cars or be creative, you’ll need enough light and ventilation to make the space safe and comfortable.

Tilt doors offer great airflow, as well as allowing you to easily bring in natural light from the outside.

Remote Control Access

Check with your garage door expert, to see what styles come with the added benefit of remote control access. The convenience of keyless entry lets you control a range of additional features, linking your garage doors, gates, security lights and other technologies in your home – making your life a whole lot more streamlined!

Contact the Garage Door Experts

For the best advice and expert opinion, call or visit a garage door specialist. They’ll be able to provide you with all the information you need about styles, materials, and added features for your garage door.

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