Points to Remember Before Buying Garage Door Openers

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Points to Remember Before Buying a Garage Door Opener

When you are in the market for a garage door opener, points to consider include: affordability, trustworthy brands, required horsepower and the size and weight of your garage and garage door. Today, with advances in digital technology and modern manufacturing, we see a range of smart communications and devices on the market. Impact Garage Doors can help you select a contemporary, digitally connected garage door opening system that suits your home or commercial property. Contact the friendly professionals today and ensure that your garage door remote in Australia is the best choice for you and your property. 

Which Brands to Trust

When buying a garage door opener, the first step is choosing a reputable brand from the range of available garage door remotes in Australia. You don’t want to choose a cheap, ultimately useless contraption from an online marketplace or choose something that you don’t quite understand. Here at Impact Garage Doors, we stock the Gainsborough G+ Access System, the Gliderol Garage Door Automation system and Triocode™ Residential garage door openers with optimized technology. We are also happy to talk you through each brand that we stock and ensure that the one you purchase is the best choice for your garage.

Tri-Code Security & Horsepower

The Triocode™ garage door automation system is one of the best garage door motors in Australia because the TrioCode™ transmitters offer secure and reliable home access. Using sophisticated encryption protocols it provides the ultimate security. It is smart and easy to use, and it is renowned for its Intelligent Safety System (ISS). This advanced technology means that it is near impossible for home intruders to tap into your garage’s technological frequency and there is far less chance of another person’s garage frequency interrupting yours. With the SmartSolar™ Power Range, you can even use solar energy to power your garage door motors in Australia!

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Garage Door Motors – Choices and Maintenance

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Garage Door Motors: Choices and Maintenance

When it comes to garage door motors in Australia, your garage will need regular maintenance and a reputable brand that you can rely on. Here at Impact Garage Doors, we can find you and your home the right solution for your automated garage doors. Whether you need a new automated motor, a scheduled service on your motors or a full update of your garage door system, we can help you. We cater to residential houses, apartments, unit blocks, industrial factories and commercial buildings. We can also do retrofits for most old garage doors and switch the out-dated system to an automatic system. 

Garage Door Remotes in Australia

An automated garage door with a remote control is the stock standard of modern homes. However many Australian homes still rely on their out-dated, often faulty manual garage doors. This is where the professionals at Impact Garage Doors can help, as we can provide a full service and repair of your garage door motors in Australia, as well as install an entirely new and automated system when required. Garage door remotes in Australia just make life easier. Stay in the car, ensure the safety of your home and never forget to lock or close your main entry point with an automated remote control

Brands That Impact Garage Doors Stock

Here at Impact garage doors, the garage door remotes in Australia that we stock are from reputable brands that ensure the longevity of your security. Gliderol® motors and ATA motors are the brands you can find, when looking to fully install a new system in Wollongong. We can also repair and replace remote controls from other brands when they are no longer working properly.

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Ensure your garage door motors in Australia are up to working order and choose maintenance and automated updates with the professionals at Impact Garage Doors. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have and we will even provide you with a free quote. Get in touch today and ensure your safety, security and convenience. 

Garage Door Service – What Should Be Checked Regularly?

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Garage Door Service: What Should Be Checked Regularly?

Garage doors should be serviced at least once a year, and more regularly if an issue arises. Garage door service in Wollongong usually includes things like checking the garage door, testing the garage door opener, tightening the hardware, cleaning the tracks and lubricating the rollers, springs and pulleys. Annual maintenance helps homeowners to get the most out of their garage door and helps to ensure the overall security of the property. If you are unsure of whether your garage door is in need of maintenance or you are uncomfortable with the DIY option, call the friendly professionals here at Impact Garage Doors. 

Test Your Garage Door Opener

Many modern garages have a remote controller or, sometimes, even a Smartphone app to open and close the garage door. Testing your garage door opener is the first step in checking whether your garage door needs maintenance or servicing. Simply go through the motions of opening and closing your garage access point and test the batteries or accuracy of the opener. If this needs to be serviced or replaced, we recommend calling a garage door service in Wollongong that can help you to effectively and affordably ensure the longevity of your controller.

Test Your Tracks

Testing the tracks within your garage door slightly differs, depending on what style of garage door you have. Whether it’s a roller or tilt garage door, opening and closing the door and lifting it off the tracks can be a good way to tell. If it is squeaking, the tracks may need to be greased. If the garage door is at an angle or off the tracks, you will need to realign them. Always call a professional garage door service in Wollongong if you are unsure of how to proceed.

Does Your Garage Door Need Lubrication?

If garage door repairs are needed, you will usually be able to tell quite easily. Lubricating your rollers, springs and pulleys with specialised garage grease can fix problems like squeaking or getting stuck. However if you are unsure of how to perform this routine maintenance, the experts at Impact Garage Doors can help you.

Garage Door Repairs and Service in Wollongong

Schedule your annual maintenance or contact us today to report a problem with your garage door and our friendly professionals will provide you with a free quote!

Hiring A Professional For Garage Door Repair

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Hiring a Professional for Garage Door Repair

When it comes to your garage door repairs in Wollongong, you will most likely need a professional. To ensure the safety and security of your home, regular garage door service is recommended. As the garage is the largest access point in any home, the motors, technology and garage door openers all need to be correctly oiled and serviced in order to maintain that security. Deter potential thieves, maintain street security and put your family’s mind at ease by contacting the professionals at Impact Garage Doors. 

Don’t DIY What You Don’t Know

Parts of garage door service can be maintained with simple DIYs. Depending on whether you have a roller garage door, a tilt garage door or a panel glide door, certain gliding motors and tracks can be single-handedly greased. However, if you don’t understand the ins and outs of how your garage door works, or the YouTube DIY video isn’t making much sense to you, you will need to call a professional. Don’t put yourself or your home’s security at risk and always call a professional garage door service if you are unsure of how to proceed when a problem or fault arises. 

Ensure Regular Garage Door Maintenance

Squeaking or getting stuck are huge tell tale signs that it is time for a scheduled maintenance. Garage door repairs in Wollongong are trusted with the experts here at Impact Garage Doors, because our team of professionals are dedicated to quality craftsmanship and excellent service. Our service technicians are all handpicked for their friendly nature and their professional attitude toward each customer and we pride ourselves on our ability to answer any questions you have about the function of your garage doors. 

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