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Transform Your Wollongong Garage Into A Smart Garage





BY: Impact Garage Doors

Ever wanted to turn your garage into a smart garage? The Impact Garage Doors team in Wollongong can tell you all about how to achieve it. With so many great products available to make your garage more functional and convenient, including smart garage door remotes in Australia, it’s never been easier to upgrade.

Add Smart Tools

We’ve been impressed recently with the range of smart tools available for garages. These include parking mats, which guide your automobile into the correct parking position by providing a place for your tyres to sit, wireless air inflators which automatically fill your tyres to the perfect pressure, and smart lighting solutions for your garage which can be set to a schedule or controlled by an app.

Control Temperature Wirelessly

A smart thermostat is a great addition to any garage, allowing you to keep your garage cool in the summer and warm in the winter without using any more energy than you need to. There are several great models on the market, which you can set to automatically control temperature via an app on your phone.

Make Storage Smart

A host of great new products allows you to make the most of your space in your garage, by lifting items up to various heights. These include a bike lifter which means you can store your bike suspended from the ceiling via a hoist, to a platform lifter that can store heavy items at a range of levels and can be controlled with Bluetooth. These amazing gadgets will allow you to get more from your garage.

Smart Security

Make your home security smart, with wirelessly controlled garage doors that you can open or close remotely, and set to automatically lock or unlock at certain times and in certain situations.

Custom Garage Doors

At Impact Garage Doors, we can help with a range of smart garage door installations and upgrades, and we supply smart garage door remotes Australia-wide. As experts in designer garage doors and custom garage doors, you can rely on us to make the alterations you need to get the most from your garage.

Contact the experts in designer garage doors for help to make your garage smart.