Which Type of Garage Door Opener is Best?

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Custom garage doors are in high demand here at Impact Garage Doors, and we love bringing stylish, sophisticated designs to life. Garage door openers are amongst the most common requests when it comes to garage door repairs in Wollongong, and that is why we specialise in not only the door, but how you can get the most out of your entire garage system! Here, we review different kinds of garage door openers, so you can find the best option for your home.

Common Garage Door Openers Australia

Standard and designer garage doors rely on motorised openers that use a trolley and switch system to raise and lower the door, which is usually controlled by a small radio remote or a keypad. Common types of garage door openers Australia include:

  • Chain drive, featuring a chain connecting the trolley and motor. These are louder due to the metal-on-metal vibration, but less expensive.
  • Belt drive, which uses a rubber belt instead of a chain for smoother motion and quiet operation.
  • Screw drive, made with a threaded steel rod that supports trolley movement and motor rotation. With fewer parts, it’s easier to maintain.

Direct drive, which has a stationary chain and steel rail. It uses only one moving part, lasts longer, and is quieter than chain or screw-drive.

Best Openers for Designer Garage Doors

Overall, direct-drive and DC-powered garage door openers Australia come highly recommended due to their faster and quieter operation. These are the bestselling openers at Impact Garage Doors.

Merlin Brand

Merlin Brand is an industry leader in automated garage door openers and total home access control. With innovative openers for roller, sectional, and tilt garage doors, there’s an automated solution for all Aussie homes. As specialists in garage door service Wollongong, we also install Merlin garage automation accessories such as battery backups and protector systems.

Gliderol ™ Garage Door Automation

Older homes often need garage door repairs in Wollongong, especially with manual doors. Garage door automation from Gliderol ™ transforms manual doors into automated ones and makes your custom garage doors even more efficient. Using this opener feature, you can open or close the garage door with one click.

New Openers and Garage Door Repairs Wollongong

At Impact Garage Doors, our team specialises in custom garage doors and new openers to ensure the easiest and safest garage experience. Get in touch with us today for professional garage door service Wollongong.

Can You Use Any Remote for a Garage Door?

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Designer garage doors are an excellent investment, especially when you have the best opener and remote for efficient operation and reliable security. As the top choice for garage door service in Wollongong, Impact Garage Doors can help you with easy-to-use garage door remotes. Here’s what you should know about programming garage door remotes.

Universal Garage Door Remotes Australia

One of the most common questions about both standard and custom garage doors is whether any remote can be programmed to open the door. That’s where universal garage door remotes come into play, as these devices are programmed for a range of openers and designer garage doors. Not all remotes support all openers, but a universal remote is certainly a start, especially with the help of our professional garage door service Wollongong wide.

Advantages of Universal Garage Remotes

Universal remotes have a transmitter, which needs to be compatible with the opener’s receiver in order to work. If the opener does not have a compatible receiver, universal garage door remotes Australia won’t open the door. Luckily, a trusted garage door team can help you navigate these options so you can find the right remote for your needs.

The key advantages of a universal garage door remote include:

  • Security – universal openers with rolling codes offer greater security against break-ins, as the code changes with each use.
  • Convenience – you can rely on a small handheld remote for opening and closing the door rather than getting out of the car to punch in a code.
  • Affordability – universal remotes are less expensive and easier to replace than special remotes that only work for one opener model.
  • Compatibility – universal remotes are designed for most standard doors, so even if you upgrade, your remote will work with your new door. 

Best Remotes for Designer Garage Doors

With so many advantages of a universal garage door remote and very few disadvantages, other than the occasional need for new batteries, many homeowners opt for universal openers for their custom garage doors. Our top garage door openers include universal and smart remote options, such as Merlin MyQ range, and Gliderol ™ Garage Door Automation.

Trusted Leaders in Garage Door Service Wollongong

The Impact Garage Doors team has decades of industry experience specialising in garage door service Wollongong wide. Please feel free to contact us today for custom garage doors and garage door remotes in Australia.