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Points to Remember Before Buying Garage Door Openers





BY: Impact Garage Doors

Points to Remember Before Buying a Garage Door Opener

When you are in the market for a garage door opener, points to consider include: affordability, trustworthy brands, required horsepower and the size and weight of your garage and garage door. Today, with advances in digital technology and modern manufacturing, we see a range of smart communications and devices on the market. Impact Garage Doors can help you select a contemporary, digitally connected garage door opening system that suits your home or commercial property. Contact the friendly professionals today and ensure that your garage door remote in Australia is the best choice for you and your property. 

Which Brands to Trust

When buying a garage door opener, the first step is choosing a reputable brand from the range of available garage door remotes in Australia. You don’t want to choose a cheap, ultimately useless contraption from an online marketplace or choose something that you don’t quite understand. Here at Impact Garage Doors, we stock the Gainsborough G+ Access System, the Gliderol Garage Door Automation system and Triocode™ Residential garage door openers with optimized technology. We are also happy to talk you through each brand that we stock and ensure that the one you purchase is the best choice for your garage.

Tri-Code Security & Horsepower

The Triocode™ garage door automation system is one of the best garage door motors in Australia because the TrioCode™ transmitters offer secure and reliable home access. Using sophisticated encryption protocols it provides the ultimate security. It is smart and easy to use, and it is renowned for its Intelligent Safety System (ISS). This advanced technology means that it is near impossible for home intruders to tap into your garage’s technological frequency and there is far less chance of another person’s garage frequency interrupting yours. With the SmartSolar™ Power Range, you can even use solar energy to power your garage door motors in Australia!

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