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Garage Door Trends 2022 in Wollongong: What’s New?





BY: Impact Garage Doors

When it comes to what’s new in garage door trends for 2022, the experts here at Impact Garage Doors are here to help. Whether you’re looking to start renovations, you’re building your dream home, or you’re just tired of your old and shabby garage door that you have to open and close manually, why not consider these popular style trends? Choose high-end aesthetic, quality materials and automated convenience here at Impact Garage Doors and never look back!

Consider a Timberlook or Western Red Cedar Garage Door 

Wood trims, Timberlook garage doors and something like a Western red cedar garage door are all popular choices for 2022. It’s all about natural materials at the moment, which is why many are opting for wood finished, wood panelling and natural materials that add to the aesthetic of their wood or brick home. Whether for a farm-style house or a modern New South Wales home, Timberlook doors offer a natural, captivating and timeless effect without the hassle and maintenance of natural timber. If you’re looking for the ultimate luxury in designer garage doors, there’s nothing like Western Red Cedar to bring a touch of warmth and aesthetic superiority to your home. 

Choose Quality with Danmar Garage Doors in Australia

Danmar garage doors in Australia are stocked at Impact Garage Doors because we believe in quality materials that are long-lasting and durable. Built to last, Danmar Garage Doors have a reputation for delivering first-class workmanship and competitive prices. Tough and visually appealing, our Danmar aluminium doors are definitely a trend, as they are guaranteed to withstand the harshest of Wollongong’s coastal weather conditions. 

Find a Smart Garage Door Opener in Australia

Another popular trend as we move into 2022 is to ditch the manual and upgrade to automation. Find a top smart garage door opener in Australia with the garage door openers from Impact Garage Doors. We offer the full range of Merlin smart access systems and the Gliderol Garage Door Automation opener, making life that much easier. With a vast range of smart options, you can minimise the potential risk of home invasion and enjoy the convenience of a remote right in your pocket or on your phone!

For all customisable garage doors and garage door openers, contact the professionals at Impact Garage Doors today. Stay up to date with trends and secure your free quote by calling us on 02 4228 9933 or 02 9520 1897.