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The Different Types of Garage Door Motors





BY: Impact Garage Doors

When exploring different garage door styles, you’ll likely come across a few different openers and motors. So, out of all the garage door openers Australia has to offer, which one is best suited to your home? Impact Garage Doors Wollongong is here to help! Check out our overview of different garage door motors to learn more.

Manual vs. Automatic

Garage door openers contain a motor that moves the trolley to pull the door up and down. Over the last few decades, manual doors have largely been replaced by automatic technology. Automatic garage door openers come at additional cost; however, they offer excellent safety, security, and convenience. While remote controls were popular a few decades ago, more and more homeowners are opting for garage doors in Wollongong that they can open and close straight from their phone!

Motorised Garage Door Openers

Garage door specialists can install top-of-the-line motorised openers for the safest and easiest garage door experience. With a motorised trolley and switch system, automatic doors are a worthwhile investment for many Aussie families. Chain drive systems connect the trolley and motor with a metal chain. This is one of the most affordable options for a garage door motor Australia, although opening and closing is louder with the metal-on-metal contact.

There’s also belt drive motorised openers featuring a rubber belt in place of the chain for a quieter, smoother option. Screw drive systems support motor rotation and trolley movement with a threaded steel rod, which is easier to maintain with fewer parts. Finally, direct drive motorised garage door openers Australia are the quietest of them all, thanks to one solid moving part with a chain and steel rail.

Top Options for Garage Door Motor Australia

If you’re looking for a newgarage door motor in Australia, Impact Garage Doors carries the top brands for automated garage doors, including Merlin and Gliderol motors. Please feel free to contact us for help with garage door openers and motors, whether you’re building a new home garage or just need to replace an old motor that doesn’t work anymore.

Contact the Experts in Garage Doors Wollongong

Now that you know more about the different motors for garage doors in Wollongong, you can make an informed decision on what works best for your home and lifestyle. Impact Garage Doors has everything you need for a beautiful garage door system! 

Explore our excellent range of garage door openers Australia today.