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Garage Door Is Not Closing: Common Causes





BY: Impact Garage Doors

Smart garage doors with remote controls and automatic closing functions have become increasingly popular in the last decade. Although these designer garage doors look great and generally work successfully, there are often cases in which custom garage doors may not close correctly. Here at Impact Garage Doors in Wollongong, we will break down some of the main reasons why designer garage doors may not be closing properly and what the cause may be.

Common Issues with Your Garage Door Motor Australia 

Custom garage doors that have an inbuilt motor and rely on a remote control to open and close them, always have a photo-eye sensor. This sensor recognises the remote-control functions. If it is not closing with the remote, it may simply be due to something obstructing the camera. This can easily be fixed by removing the obstruction.

Broken Garage Door Extension Springs

When you have a broken garage door extension spring, it is certainly a more complicated and difficult issue to deal with and will require you to have your garage door serviced by a professional, to fix or replace the extension springs. Impact Garage Doors offer the best garage door repairs Wollongong has to offer, so feel free to get in touch with the experts today.

Damaged Cables

All garage doors rely on some sort of cabling to lift and lower the door. If these cables have been damaged or worn, it may prevent the door from opening or closing correctly. This issue generally requires a professional to fix.

Door Travel Limits on a Garage Door Motor Australia

Garage door motors have an in-built mechanism that tells the door how far it needs to travel before the motor stops moving the door. This is dependent on the height of the door, and in turn, the distance it needs to travel to touch the ground. If this sensor has not been installed correctly, or has changed from its original setting, the door may stop closing before it has touched the ground.

Something is Blocking the Door

Although this sounds like a very simple issue, it can often be overlooked. Make sure you check your garage door area and ensure there is nothing obstructing it.

Is your garage door not closing properly? Get in touch with the friendly team at Impact Garage Doors for the best quality garage door repair Wollongong has available. Alternatively, you can call our office now on 02 4228 9933.