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Garage Door Maintenance & Repair Tips





BY: Impact Garage Doors

To ensure that your garage door stands the test of time, it is vital that you take good care of it. This means a regular garage door service Wollongong, whether that be DIY or by the professionals. There are many maintenance and repair tips that can provide you with easy ways of keeping your custom garage doors in good working order. Impact Garage Doors will discuss some of these tips, so that you have more autonomy and the freedom to take care of your garage door yourself. Feel free to reach out to the team if you require professional garage door maintenance services from the experts. 

Maintenance Tips for Garage Doors Wollongong

1. Look and Listen to Your Door

This is the easiest and most effective way to check how well your garage door is working. All it takes is for you to simply observe how well the door is functioning, by looking at it when it is in motion and listening to the sounds it makes. If it is making an unusual sound, or rolling too slow or too fast, it may mean it requires a service. The team at Impact Garage Doors provide the best garage door service Wollongong has to offer.

2. Limit the Use of Your Custom Garage Doors

Many homeowners these days solely use their garage door as a means of entering and exiting their home, even if they are not driving their car in and out of the garage. With 10 up and down cycles a day, you will likely need to replace your springs every 2 years or so. However, if you limit that to 3-4 cycles per day, your springs and cables will last far longer.

3. Lubricate

An extremely easy maintenance tip that any homeowner can do is to simply grab WD-40 and spray the rollers and hinges. Do this once every few months.

4. Tighten the Hardware

After a lot of use, the tracks and brackets slowly become looser. We recommend you use a socket wrench and tighten them once or twice a year.

5. Clear the Tracks

If there is debris blocking the movement of the tracks, this can cause unnecessary strain on the door’s motor. Simply look and clear anything that you see obstructing its movement.

6. Clean, Clean, Clean

Last, but certainly not least, is cleaning all the components of your garage door. This will extend its lifetime immensely. You only need to do this once or twice a year for it to be effective. Lubricate moving parts, clean debris from all areas and clean the inside and outside of the door to maintain its aesthetic. 

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